Udaari comes to an end


So people, here is the end of Udaari. With Udaari coming to an end, being an enthusiastic Pakistani, I can proudly say that our media industry is producing some really incredible and thought-provoking movies and dramas. Udaari has been the most famous, as well as, the most controversial drama of it’s phase. It received it’s hype as soon as it’s first trailer was released. It portrayed and threw light on a very different aspect of our Pakistani society that we often carelessly neglect. It was a phenomenal production of, ever-famous, Momina Duraid with collaboration of Kashaf Foundation which is again a big name in our society that helps the under-privileged and ignored humans of civilization. The controversy started when PEMRA banned this program from airing because of the ‘rape’ scene involved. Social media criticized and played it’s role well to help out and ease the situation at that time.

Udaari showcased our rural culture
photo coustesy: dramaindustry.pk

How Udaari was different than other drama serials?

Most of our drama serial are based on basic house hold problems and conflicts that one average middle class person faces in his or her life. However, Udaari highlighted the most hideous, evil and vastly spread social problem i.e Sexual harassment/abuse. This social problem is so common yet so hidden. Because victims are suppressed by their own relatives and loved ones for the sake of family’s respect. Providing justice to the victim and punishing the criminal is never the priority. This kind of behavior provides confidence to the criminals and they ruin more lives. Such is the story of Udaari.

Udaari portrays society issue of sexual abuse
photo courtesy: dailymotion.pk

It has portrayed a 10 year old young girl ‘Zebo’, who is molested by her mother’s second husband Imtiaz. This pedophile knows that Zebo’s mother will not speak up about his evil action to save the image of Zebo in the society. He claims to molest her again and again. The second time, when Zebo’s life is ruined by Imtiaz, her extremely enraged mother attempts to murder Imtiaz and run away from the village. She settles in a city with the help of her old friend and start a new life. Imtiaz, somehow, manages to survive and after a long time, finds Zebo and her mother. Even then he takes the advantage of silence of zebo’s mother and get her arrested in attempt to murder charges. She bear all the tortures by the police in jail but still refuse to speak about Imtiaz’s dirty activities. However, the main female protagonist, Meera, who has now found fame due to her exceptionally beautiful voice. She and zebo’s appointed lawyer, both encourage and motivate zebo to demand justice and aid them to free Zebo’s mother. Finally, zebo decide to become a survivor and not a victim. She speaks about Imtiaz’s crimes in the court. This is the main lesson portrayed in the drama that after she confessed about the injustice done to her, the criminal is put into jail and all right things are done the way they were supposed to be done.

Udaari portrays society issue of sexual abuse
photo courtesy: desiperdesiviews.wordpress.com

This story has raised awareness about sexual harassment as well as child abuse happening secretly in our society. People are encouraged to take steps against such pedophiles. So that this crime may be diminished from our society.

Besides providing such an incredible theme, Udaari has also beautifully showcased our rural culture and lifestyle. In a time like this when Pakistan’s international image is so deteriorated, programs like this helps us to appear more positive in society. The dialect, way of living, financial conditions, norms and ethics are excellently showcased. Programs like this changes the international perception about our society.

Moreover, another aspect that can be observed in this drama serial is the difference between the lifestyle and environment of rural and urban part of Pakistan. This helps us to highlight the flaws in general, that we can work upon for the progress of our country. It also speaks about the labels our society has imposed on people which suppress them from showing their talent resulting in a big cause of failure for our social order. People who like to sing are labelled as another unprivileged part of our society. They are not deprived of their deserving respect but also labelled as second class citizens. We as a society, really need to think and work upon our flaws. With this attitude, we will definitely see our country and our culture as one of the most prestigious and successful in the world.

I hope you people liked my thoughts about this topic. Please enjoy my other blog posts also. Please comment below and let me know what are your thought. Don’t forget to follow and like. 🙂 Loads of love.


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  1. Your post has really got me interested in Udaari..have heard quite a lot about this one from others too…will definitely watch now… 🙂
    We recently have been watching a lot of Pakistani dramas here….. I really love ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ , Behadd, Humsafar, Mere Qatil Mere Gulzar and a lot others too….. really love how these dramas depict reality so closely.. 🙂


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