Fine Baby Diapers Review and Comparison

Hello my lovely readers

Today’s post is a parenting post as you can tell by the topic. Today I will be reviewing a new diaper brand that I discovered after moving to Dubai. I believe it is not available in Pakistan.

fine baby diapers review
Fine Baby Disposable diapers

These diapers were sent to me as a PR product. They’re easily available at almost every grocery store here in UAE such as spinneys and Carrefour etc. Their design and colours are pretty, however, somewhat quite similar to Pampers. They’re comfortable and I must say they have a good absorbency power.

comparing fine baby and pampers
Fine Baby Diapers Review

When comparing to the Pampers, I found length an issue. My baby is a big boy and the diaper designed for his age really did not fit him comfortably. The diaper was shorter in length as you can compare in the picture above. But the absorbency power was more than the pampers. I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but Fine Baby is also a bit thicker than Pampers.

At the time I received the pack of Fine baby diapers, My baby was suffering from Amebiasis so we had to deal with a lot of leaked diapers. I was very curious to try this new brand to see if it prevent leaks or not. So, it somewhat reduced them but not completely stopped it. Btw, I’m still looking for a good brand that does not leak at all. I don’t know if it’s my way of putting diaper on him or what but his diaper leaks a lot. We have tried Pampers, Huggies and Fine babies but none of them seems to work perfectly.DSC_0012

Another thing that I’d like to mention here about the size chart of Fine baby diapers is that they don’t really have many sizes. At the time I was trying these diapers, my baby was actually between the two sizes so the small size was smaller for him and the bigger one way bigger for him so that was a confusing part. DSC_0018

Their prints are cute and simple that I also like. In the picture below you can checkout my small diaper pouch that I keep in or on my side drawer for changing my baby as I did not think that a changing table is a necessity. Instead I just change my baby on the bed with a plastic sheet and absorbent cloth on it. And I keep this pouch nearby to grab the essentials quickly and I don’t have to run for anything in the middle of changing diapers.DSC_0009I have my Fine baby wipes, fine baby diaper, a small towel to pat dry my baby’s bum,  a small mutual baby lotion bottle and Biolane diaper cream. DSC_0014I have also tried their baby wipes and really liked them. Though they do not have a hard cover to close that I find good in Pampers and Mustela wipes as that keeps the wipes wet for a longer time. The sticky plastic actually looses the stickiness by the time as we have to open and close the pack multiple times. But they come infused with aloe vera that is very good for the baby’s skin. But apart from that the diapers are very comfortable, economical and of very good quality. Not only diapers, I’m a fan of every Fine product they offer. They’re tissue rolls, and packs are so soft and neat hence I always choose their brand over other brands. So here, I just wanted to give my two cents and wanted to share my thoughts about this stuff. I hope this post will be useful for you guys to choose and make choices next time you go for your usual grocery. Enjoy and stay tuned for new posts. Bye



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  1. Iqtidar Shamim says:

    Enjoyed your review on Fine diapers. I do agree on most part of it, just wanted to add most important point that u seems to forget or ignored, is Fine Diapers are made of cotton which is why we prefer it over any other brand. We noticed our child feel very comfortable in coparison to Pampers.


  2. Vipin says:

    We tried the same pamper but it won’t have enough glue to stick. It fall down once it got filled.


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