Top 10 tips for flawless skin

Every girl dreams to have a perfect skin. But, sometimes you don’t know what you can do to achieve that flawless skin.  Here are my top 10 tips for attaining spotless skin. These all tips are tried and tested by my own. They worked great for me. It’s been years now that I have included these habits in my life and my skin has evolved so much. I read tons and tons of articles, tried so many thing but at the end i sticked to these basic and everyday habits and my problems were solved. Now that I’m really happy and satisfied with my skin I’d like to help you people also and share these secrets. I hope you people find these tips helpful. Thank me later. 😉

Wash your face twice daily:

I know everybody washes their face daily in the morning and there is no secret in that. But, choosing the right face wash/ cleanser for your skin type and washing your face twice daily is very important. Even if you have oily skin like me, don’t be tempted to wash your face more than two times daily. I know the feeling of shiny face. yes, I’ve been there. But that will only aggravate your problem. When you will wash your face again and again, your skin will get dehydrated and to replace that dryness it will produce more and more oil. so, you’ll end by worsening your skin. What you can do is, keep miceller water and cotton pads at your vanity. So whenever you see a shiny face in that mirror. Just put some miceller water on the cotton pad and swipe it all over your face. Two very good and commonly available miceller water are from Bioderma and L’Oreal Paris. Face wash that I’d recommend to people with oily face is Pond’s white beauty face wash. You can see instant results after washing your face. It’s wonderful with reasonable price.

Use a scrub once or twice a week:

This step is also very important. Exfoliating your skin once or twice a week, will remove the layer of dead skin cells from the skin. This way you will end up with less clogged pores and less pimples. You’re skin will start to get better. Use a good exfoliator according to the skin type. Don’t use it more than twice a week as it can cause rashes on your skin. You don’t want damage your skin. I, myself use The body shop’s microdermabrasion Vitamin C scrub. It has very fine particles and work wonders for my skin. I highly recommend this one. You can buy it here on

Vitamin C scrub
THE BODY SHOP Vitamin C microdermabrasion

Use a mask daily:

This is the nutrition part of your beauty regime. For people with oily skin, I would recommend you to use a clay mask. That helps to reduce the amount of oil production in your skin. Also invest in an anti- blemish mask if you suffer severely from acne. I’m a huge mask lover. They work for your skin, makes it smoother and more flawless. I’m always into trying new masks. Clay mask that I’ve been using is Kiehls deep pore rare earth mask. However, this mask is not available in Pakistan. So I’m in a hunt of a good drug store clay mask that is available in Pakistan. If you people have any recommendations for me, please let me know in the comments. Meanwhile, for blemishes I use The body Shop’s tea tree mask. It leaves a cooling sensation on my face and my skin feels really refreshed and plumped up. This tea tree line has really helped me to keep my blemishes at bay. I wrote a whole review about The body shop’s products. Click here to check that out. I could not find this mask online. Check it at any body shop’s outlet. They have outlets in Mall of Lahore and Xinhua mall in Lahore.

The Body shop's tea tree line.
The Body shop’s tea tree line.

Don’t ever pop your pimples:

Okay, so you’ve got a pimple on your face and it’s not going anywhere soon. Please please please don’t pick, pop or even touch the pimples. Touching the pimple spread it’s infectious germs all over your face and you end up with even more pimples. Just leave it alone. Dab little bit of olive oil on it before going to bed and till morning it will start to deteriorate by itself. If you touch or pick your pimples, they leave marks behind which, by the time, turns into scars. Nobody like scars on their face.

Use a good moisturizer in the morning and before going to bed:

Invest in a good moisturizer. This is a really important step. If you are not using a moisturizer daily, your skin must be really dehydrated. Yes! even if you are oily skin type. Many oily skin type people have this perception that they don’t need to use a moisturizer because their skin produces already  much oil. Your skin produces that much oil because it sense that the skin is dehydrated. If you will hydrate your skin by yourself, you will see that slowly your skin’s oil production will decrease. Yes, if you are an oily person go for a very light moisturizer. If you have to go out daily to your college, university or office. I’d recommend you to buy a mattifying face cream that also contains a good amount of spf. This is a 3 in 1 solution. because oily skin people really does not want wear so many layers of products. It will protect you from harmful rays of sun, moisturize your skin as well as mattify. i.e no or less shiny face. I have been using L’Oreal Paris white perfect whitening day cream. It has been working fine for me. You can buy it here on However, as it is a day cream you cannot use it at night. For that you would need another ordinary moisturizer formulated according to your skin type.

L'Oreal Paris white perfect whitening day cream
L’Oreal Paris white perfect whitening day cream

Use a good eye cream daily morning and evening:

This is a really important step especially if you suffer from dark circles or you are above 28 years. Eye creams helps to lighten the dark circles as well prevent fine lines and wrinkles appearing on your skin. The skin under your eyes is very delicate and more prone to wrinkles. If you start to use an eye cream in your early twenties. You will be happy to see the result in your post 20s. Last time when I shopped at Sephora, I received a free deluxe sample of Origins ginzing eye cream. A little bit of the product goes a long way. I have been using it for quite a while now and it’s working good for me.

origins ginzing eye cream
origins ginzing eye cream

Use a toner:

Toners are supposed to balance the pH of the skin as many cleansers disturb your skin’s pH. After washing your face,  shake the toner and drop on a cotton pad and swipe allover your face. People with oily skin type should use an alcohol based toner. These helps to minimize the shine. I use the toner from The body shop’s tea tree line. It also aids me in preventing blemishes. You can buy that toner here on

Use a sunscreen whenever you go outside:

For living in a hot country like ours (Pakistan) it’s a really really important step. Sometimes, you will observe some dark spots on your face and will wonder where did they come from. They are actually the courtesy of UV rays from sunlight. Most of the Pakistani women are unaware of the benefits of sunscreen and avoid it altogether. In my view, it is the most important step. Otherwise you will be damaging your skin more and no other remedy can help you to undo these effects. I had some Bioderma sun protection samples from Bootshowever, I find them quite thick for my oily skin. So I have been using Spectra Ban sun block from stiefel company. It works great with my skin and does not make my face shiny. This sun block was recommended to me by my dermatologist. My one of the friends use bioderma sun protection and she really loves it. That sun block not only protects the skin from UV rays but also treat the already damaged parts of the face. I think that it suits more normal to dry skin.

Drink lots of water:

This step is so common yet it goes so unnoticed. Drink lots of water, you will see such a drastic change in your skin. At least 8-10 glasses of water daily. That is the recommended amount by the doctors.

Don’t ever sleep with makeup on:

As the heading says never ever ever sleep with makeup on. That makeup on your skin with all days dirt and oil. Imagine what this can do to your skin. It will clog your pores. Your skin will breakout and will become quite dull. Even if you are not wearing makeup, still make it a habit to wash your face before going to bed and apply your moisturizer, eye cream. There are leave on masks and night serums available. Invest in such skincare and you will see the results.

So these were my Top 10 tips/habits for flawless skin. If you got any advice for me please let me know in the comments section. Being a make up lover, you always need a clear and neat canvas to work on.  Hence having a clear, fresh, smooth and spotless skin will increase your natural beauty as well as your make up will also go on more smoother. Less concealers and layers would required to cover the imperfections. Please like, comment and follow for future blog posts. Take care lovelies ❤




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