Practk Palmat by Sigma

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Palmat by Practk
Palmat by Practk

Today I’m back with another review which is actually not a makeup or skincare product but a very innovative and unique invention by Sigma. Yes, they have come out with a very amazing and distinct product that makes the makeup brush cleaning a whole lot easier. I know we all love to play with our makeup and are always enjoying by experimenting different looks on ourselves and other people. But, then comes the weekend and you have to clean up your makeup brushes that have accumulated a whole lot of your makeup gunk. Washing them is really a pain that practk has made easier for us.palmat-and-brushes-in-sink-3

Practk Palmat is a tool designed bt Sigma Beauty. Using their industry expertise and scientific background, Sigma founders Simone Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho set out to bring practical beauty solutions to a new market.

Before using this tool, I used to rub my brushes against the palm of my hand with soap under the running tap. And after a washing a dozen of brushes, this method used to leave my hands sore. When I received the palmat in my mail, I was very excited because this was exactly what I needed. The product is very convenient. You can either wear it on your palm and wash your brushes as usual but this time, no sore palms! Or you can attach it to your sink at any angle or place you want or feel comfortable. It has small air suction cups at the back of it that keeps it at it’s place. The palmat’s bristles are made out durable, high-grade silicone which is easy to clean and does not accumulate germs.  You can leave it to try on your sink even. brocure-photo

There are many different designs on the palmat that helps to wash different size of brushes. Three patent textures for small and large brushes. It does not effect the shape of your brushes and is never too harsh.

Palmat by Practk
Palmat by Practk

This time around, when I washed my brushes with the help of palmat, it took a lot lesser time. These days I’m using my blender cleanser to wash my makeup brushes and sponges. I wet my brush bristles under the running water and swiping some soap from the bottle I scrub it on the palmat. Different designs help to scrub different sizes.washing-brush-under-water

Palmat by Practk
Palmat by Practk

The process was quick and efficient. I was surprised to see the results. When I used to wash the brushes with my hands, there was always a little product left behind. So I always had to wash a brush twice. But this time when I washed the brush second time, there was no residue left.

Palmat is literally the size of your palm and very easy to travel with. It’s compact size makes it portable and a makeup junkie’s best friend just like it has become mine.palmat-on-hand

Personally, I love it’s colour, texture and softness. With a price tag of $ 9.95,  it makes it affordable for everyone.

Palmat by Practk
Palmat by Practk

scrubing-brush-on-palmat In my opinion, this product is a must-have! I am totally in love with this and rates it 10/10.

I hope you ladies found this product and this review interesting. Thanks for stopping by. Also, read my other reviews and thoughts on other products. If you have any questions or suggestions , please let me know by writing them down in the comments below.

Palmat by Practk
Palmat by Practk

And here are my squeaky clean brushes, aligned to dry up.

*The product was sent to me for review purposes but all the opinions in this post are mine and honest.*



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    very nice review!! Keep it up girl ❤

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  2. love this post. 🙂


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