Conatural Haul and First impressions

Hello there lovelies.

As winter is approaching, I was looking for some products to combat the upcoming dryness. This time, I decided to give a try to one of our new local brand. i.e Conatural. It’s sponsored posts and advertisements are all over the social media since it’s launch. I really wanted to test out there products as whether they have come up with something new and of better quality than other already available products in the market or it’s just the same as others.

I placed an order for trio set of lip balms, goat milk moisturizing soap and Argan oil.

Conatural Products
Conatural Products

Firstly, I’d say that there delivery time is good.  I got my things within two of placing order. I don’t know about any other city but for Lahore’s delivery, they are quite efficient and keeps you updated about you’re parcel’s status. They charged me PKR 200 for the delivery.

When I opened the package, the fragrance of the rose petals put inside, welcomed me. That was quite a nice gesture from their side. The packaging of the products is quite luxurious and sleek. It does not look cheap at all. I have used these products for quite some days now and these are my initial thoughts about these products:

Conatural Goat’s Milk Soap With Shea Butter:

Conatural Goat's milk soap
Conatural Goat’s milk soap

They claim that their soaps are absolute natural and handmade. They remain good for one whole year. I am loving this soap from Conaturals. It is so moisturizing and leaves your skin smooth and soft. However, it is not as good as my Lush RUB RUB RUB scrub. But that retails for almost 5000 PKR and this retails only for PKR 375 only. So there’s a lot of price difference. But still this soap is better than all the shower gels that I have used and are locally available. I highly recommend this soap!

Conatural Goat's milk soap
Conatural Goat’s milk soap

Conatural Organic Lip Balms (Set of 3):

Conatural Lip Balms
Conatural Lip Balms

One thing that I’m not happy about is that you cannot buy these lip balms individually. As this was my first time, I wanted to buy just one lip balm to try. I did not want abandon three lip balms if I did not like them. But I had to buy the trio set as they don’t sell each one of them alone. This set contains three different lip balms:

  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Sweet Orange

The lip balms does not have any strong scent. They have a very light scent when you first apply them but it fades away very soon. These lip balms will last a very long time as a little bit of product goes a long way. They does not make a thick layer on your lips and are not very buttery. In fact they are very thin in consistency and absorbs well into your lips, leaving them plumped and moisturized. I found them better than The Body Shop’s lip balm. When I apply The Body Shop’s lip balm on my lips before going to bed, I get up in the morning with chapped lips. However, this is not the case with these. When I apply these at night, my lips are plump and moisturized in the morning. However, they still could not beat my ever favorite Kiehl’s lip balm.  I got this trio set for PKR 600.

Conatural lip balm ingredients
Conatural lip balm ingredients

Conatural Argan Oil:

Conatural Argan Oil

When I read the benefits of Argan Oil, I was looking for it everywhere. I bought from L’Oreal Paris and from Label. M. But, they are serums mixed with chemicals and did not give me the results I wanted. I could not find the pure Argan Oil anywhere in Pakistan and not even in Dubai. When I saw this on Conatural’s website, I immediately put it in my cart. I got this for PKR 1800. It’s totally organic. Excellent for your hair, nails, skin and lips. It’s like liquid gold for your skin. I have been using it but one really cannot say anything about skin care products untill they are used for a fair amount of time. I will definitely give you guys an update on the benefits I reaped from these skincare products sometime in future. So stay tuned. I hope you find this article interesting.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kim says:

    I’ve never tried products from this brand but the argan oil sounds amazing. Never tried it but this sounds perfect!


  2. blogsbyamna says:

    KIm dear actually it’a new Pakistani brand. But being new it does not mean it’cheap. The proces are good and so is the quality. It was new so I was curious to try it. 🙂 and gave my feedback. Thanks for reading ❤️


  3. Nice products! Loves your review ♥


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