My experience with Asma T (thokar branch)

Hello there lovelies.. Today’s review is not about any product but a salon that I tried.. Living in Lahore, my first preference in salons is Toni and guy. But it is very far from the place where I live and I’m always into trying new stuff and new places. I had been hearing about ‘beauty hooked‘ lately and thought to try a different salon, booking through them.

photo courtesy: Beauty hooked
photo courtesy: Beauty hooked

If you don’t know about ‘Beauty Hooked’, please read this post about them. Anyways, it was Eid time and I wanted to visit a salon. I had this new Salon, just opened, near my residence. Asma T. I went on the Beauty Hooked website and saw that this branch was offering some discounts when booked through beauty hooked. So, I decided it to give it a go.. I booked online and chose the services I wanted to opt for. Before my appointment time, beauty hooked sent me a text reminder also, which was, in my point of view, a really good complimentary service.

salon and make-up lounge (thokar branch)
salon and make-up lounge (thokar branch)

As it was Eid time, The salon was packed and fully crowded. I wondered if I could even have a relaxing time here.. Anyways, though I had my appointment booked, I had to wait for about half an hour, which was quite irritating. Anyways, it was my turn and I got my meni cure and pedicure done. They offer many packages, and the services were good. The environment was good and they also had a mini play area for children entertainment. After my meni pedi, the girl took me for the hair trimming.

salon and make-up lounge (thokar branch)
salon and make-up lounge (thokar branch)

They did not wash my hair prior the trimming, unlike Toni and guy. They always wash your hair with one of the Label.M shampoo, and then cut your hair. I had my hair already washed but we’re comparing the services here. Anyhow, the lady who trimmed my hair was quite efficient and experienced. I loved what she did to my hair and she was very fast. She blow dried my hair. Then, the facial girl was free and came to take me for the facial. However, knowing all my services, they did my facial after my blow dry which completely destroyed my hairstyle! Upon asking, the girl blamed me that you should have gone for the facial first. Yeah! like they were all waiting for me to choose. Nobody was free so they sent me for hair trim. How is that my fault? However, I ignored their mistake knowing that it was Eid time and I should not judge them on this peak time of the year. Their services were good though, the problem was with the management.

salon and make-up lounge (thokar branch)
salon and make-up lounge (thokar branch)

Their facial room was quiet and relaxing. It was cozy and dark. I really got a quality pampering time there and enjoyed my facial. I chose the Dermalogica’s facial, because they offer the best quality.

After I had my services done, I went to the reception to pay. They did not accept any credit cards and payment was to be done with cash. I again had to wait for my husband to come because I usually carry my card and does not carry big amounts of cash.amsat-general-pic

Next day, I received a call from Beauty Hooked, inquiring about my experience at Asma T. I told them everything and they promised to make my next experience better. I loved booking through Beauty hooked. However, Asma T’s mismanagement really annoyed me. Maybe, it was because of rush hours and peak time of the year.

  • My preference for beauty hooked: 10/10
  • My preference for Asma T (Thokar branch) 6/10

I hope this review was helpful to you. Please let me know if you would like me to review any specific salon or spa. I would love to cater my readers. Thanks for reading and do follow, like and comment.

*All the pictures are taken from Asma T’s facebook page and are not my property*


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ree says:

    Oh no to messing your hair up with the facial!! Maybe you should stick to your normal toni & guy hairdressers! Ree love30


  2. annalisanuttall says:

    Ooooh I do like the look of this salon. My preference is also toni and guy.


  3. I like the interior design of this salon, this would be relaxing enough if not overly crowded.


  4. Place looks great! Must have been such a wonderful experience. How was the price and cost of their services? Looks like such a high end place. 🙂


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