Egg Freezing and why it has become an option for women

All women have different fertility clocks that continue to tick. Each woman is born with a set number of eggs to release throughout her lifetime. Her body is accustomed to release the best eggs first before the “not-so-good” ones. And for most women, if not all, the best eggs are released when the woman is in her mid-20s.

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With that being said, the best time to get pregnant for women is in her mid-20s. However, during that age, many women are still not ready and are busy trying to build up a stable career, may still be in school, or may have not yet met their life partner. This is where the dilemma starts. She can choose to delay her pregnancy and risk possible infertility issues in the future, or she can get pregnant now without any troubles but her career could be at risk.

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This is the reason why some women choose to freeze their eggs. According to Wikipedia, egg freezing means a process in which a woman’s eggs (oocytes) are extracted, frozen and stored. In the future, the eggs can be thawed, fertilised, and transferred to the uterus as embryos. This option has become more and more popular for women. Why? Because it gives the woman the chance to strengthen her career now without worrying that she might have problems getting pregnant in the future.

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Easy as it sounds but egg freezing costs money. So it requires rethinking before one decides whether she would freeze her eggs or not.

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