Antebies – Baby clothing Brand Review

Hello my lovely readers. Hope everything is going great._MG_9905

As you guys all know that I’m a mum to a beautiful young boy now. Being a mom opens up a whole new world of responsibilities, love, emotions and thoughtfulness. You rediscover yourself. You unleash such potentials that you never knew you had within yourself. And you wonder, what this small fragile human being can do to you. You try your best to protect him from the all harsh environments and people. You cover him up if it’s cold. You maintain the right temperature of his surroundings. You keep your senses alive all the time so that you may not miss his single ‘ummm’. Maybe he’s hungry or he needs to sleep. Maybe he wants his diaper changed. Maybe his clothes are irritating him. You try your best to keep him comfortable, happy and joyful. You choose the beat things for him. The best diaper brand. The best bottle, best formula and the best soft clothes._MG_1172

For me finding the soft and comfortable clothes was the most important thing. I wanted him to be as comfortable as he can get. I tried so many brands and so many designs. In this post, I want to help other new mommies and introduce to them a new organic and handmade clothes brand that is just the right choice and has the most soft and practical clothes for your infant._ATC1313

Antebies is a brand that produce baby’s clothes and accessories that are handcrafted with organic materials. Each Antebies product that you buy empowers rural women by creating income for them and inspiring a better future. They started their brand with creating handcrafted dolls with the finest organic material. They have a deep story behind the origin of this brand. Well, if I told you all about that, this post will become too long for you to read. So if you’re interested, click here to read the story.


It is a Turkish brand that now makes snuggly and soft clothes for babies, boys and girls._ATC1297 Their classic item still remains their dolls and now they’re into the business of undergarments also.d

They also make special doll bags and sell their each doll within those backpacks. They also include brochures with the imagery of the process of making dolls. Their all items come in recycled gift paper boxes that makes their products extra special._MG_1172

The simplicity is the theme and new borns look best in pale and plain colors. They are so fragile that you should not make them wear difficult clothes. It’s really hard to put a shirt on through their head even. So onesies and rompers would be your best friend.

My baby is 4 months old and I still loves to make him wear onesies. He feels so comfortable and happy in them. I did buy some fancy jeans and shirts for him but whenever I put them on, I’m always worried at the back of my mind that he might be uncomfortable. When I’m out somewhere, the first thing that I do when I come home is change him into his onesie. And he is a one delightful and happy child.

So onesies and rompers are a must have! Antebies have great ones. In UAE, You can find their products at Nest for kids and Cosy Star. They will be soon available at Mumz world also. But if they are not available in Pakistan then you can go for the mother care ones or next has some great ones too._MG_9164

Do checkout their collection on their website here. Follow them on Instagram and on Facebook  to keep updated with their new collections and everything.ghpink blanket with pink heart

I’ll soon be uploading more blog-posts on parenting and newborn must haves. So stay tuned ladies.

Love ya!



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