Foroohar Scarves

Hello my lovely readers! 🙂DSC_0058

I hope you’re all in good shape, good health and good mood.  Before talking about today’s product, I want to request my all readers to please pray for my baby sister. She is a special child and now her health is deteriorating. She’s in hospital and in need of loads of prayers. We never know who’s prayer can work wonders. Thank you for your kind support.

Coming back to today’s post. I’m recently discovering some new brands that are not only in their emerging phase but they really put a lot of effort to make their products first class. Such is a brand called Foroohar.DSC_0060

Foroohar is run by a lovely girl who make hand screen printed goodies. It was started as a partnership business, right after completing their studies. They (the two friends) started market research and had different ideas in their minds. They worked on feasibility reports of all the ideas and chose the idea which was the most interesting out of all the business ideas they had.DSC_0081

For them, it was important to choose something which was interesting and creative. Their research/planning phase continued for almost a year and then in 2011 they had their first home based Exhibition of formal wear.DSC_0102

That’s how foroohar started. Foroohar became a sole proprietorship business in May 2015 when one business partner got married.
Well, the story is quite interesting. Coming back to the quality if the product. I was sent a chiffon hand screen printed hijab. The colours were elegant and the owner especially customised the measurements as per my demands. They’re silk scarves are more famous but rather I decided to go with a chiffon one as it is easier to carry. The packaging was beautiful as well. DSC_0067
However, one thing that I observed was that the stuff of the hijaab was not soft. I don’t know wether it was the type of chiffon or the hand screen printing process made it crispy in the end. DSC_0074
The style is quite chick and casual. Hence I wear it out during the day time mostly.
I would definitely recommend their scarves. Do check them out. DSC_0080DSC_0063
Here is how you can place the order:
1. email the brand at or
2. You can contact them on watsapp at 03436060666
3. DM them on their official Instagram account.
4. Contact them on their facebook page:
5. They also have an online presence at
6. They also exhibit their collections at different occasions.



12 Comments Add yours

  1. justsoflo says:

    Very pretty colour and design


  2. maya's blog says:

    This is such a pretty scarf indeed Amna.


  3. Farah Abdullah @ Flora Tavu says:

    I like the prints already! Also prefer chiffon than silk to be honest…


  4. I’ll keep your sister in my duas and may Allah grant her shifa.

    Beatiful designs, mashaAllah!


  5. I too love chiffon shelas. The color and prints are just so pretty. Checking them out now! I mostly never wear colors during outings. I am a full time Abayan! But to dress up at home I would love this.


  6. Mona Ismaeil says:

    Those colors are divine!


  7. Muslim Mummy says:

    May Allah (swt) grant your sister shiffa Ameen!

    The scarf looks lovely…will check them out


  8. Fatima says:

    Lots of prayers for your sister. It’s the worst feeling seeing a loved one in pain. Even my grandmother isn’t well and seeing her in pain is so much heartbreaking!

    Love the hijab. I will check out their collection as I need to update mine.


  9. Shifa Allahu to your baby sis. Will keep her in my duas in sha Allah. The scarves are gorgeous mashallah tabarakhallah


  10. muslimah says:

    May Allah (swt) grant your sister shiffa Ameen!
    Those scarfs are lovely and brightly colored thanks for sharing this,I’ll tell other sisters about it


  11. I have been checking out Foroohar scarves ever since they launched! Cant wait to go back to Pakistan and shop to my hearts content!


  12. Umer says:

    Beautiful Scarves. A perfect gift for any occasion.


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