Saba Scarves Review

Hello there my dear lovelies!DSC_0004

I hope you all are doing very good. Well, The news from my side is that I have officially moved to Dubai now. As I told you in my previous posts and also on my social media that I’m a new mum now. That means now I got really less time for myself. Previously , I could spend hours to get ready and could style my hijab into different designs but now, I barely get time to tie it on my head. Not only that, but you’re priorities also change. But still who does not want to look best! I was really looking for a solution that I may also be able to save time and still look good. Then I discovered Saba scarves’ Instant Hijabs.DSC_0005

Many of you might not know that I am a hijabi. That is because I have not posted any of my personal picture on my blog and on my social media channels. Let’s say that everyone have the right to control what they want to share. 🙂
About a month and a half ago, I received a beautiful hijab from Saba scarves. They have come up with a new innovative idea that they turned into a unique design and they call their creativity as ‘instant hijab’. Yes people, this hijab, as it’s name is, really is done in an instant. This comes already stitched up with a beautiful embellishment on one side. The Color that I received was beautiful.DSC_0003
I found their this innovation very interesting. You just have to pop it up in your head and you are ready to go. Yes, I have seen many other scarves in the market like these but this hijab is distinct in a manner that neither the material is same nor the look. They are made of A grade heavy chiffon. These hijabs give an impression of a hijab that you have tied up yourself. They look properly wrapped up and designed by us. You cannot really tell that it’s stitched up just by looking. It’s easy to handle and carry with your baby. Now I don’t have to worry about accidentally opened pins and unwrapping of the hijab in the middle of something.DSC_0006
I’d recommend my readers to definitely try out this style. They have a great variety to choose from.
Moreover, one thing that I did not like is that they have a standard size which does not fit everybody. It will be great if they could customize the scarf for their customers. This can make their life a little bit more easier. Hope you like today’s review. ^_^
For ordering from Saba Scarves please DM them on their Instagram page or contact them on Facebook:
Their Facebook page:

All the opinions mentioned in this post are mine and honest. I was not paid by the brand. The product was sent to me for the review


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  1. meemfay says:

    The colour is sooo pretty ❤

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  2. As Salam o Alaikum. Nice. May Allah bless you in your work. Ameen


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