Revlon Color Burst Balm Stains Review

Assalamu alaikum my lovely readers! I hope all of you are good.

Today I’m going to review an old purchase of mine. Revlon Color Burst Balm Stain reviews. I picked these up a year ago from DDF (Dubai duty free). As I have mentioned earlier in my posts, that I have very dry lips, I was looking for a lip product that should be moisturizing as well as long wearing. Reading it’s claims I picked up this trio set.

I’m sorry I do not have the box and I cannot share it’s picture. However, the colors I chose were two pinky shades and one orange. I had no idea about their consistency. The shades that I picked up and will be reviewing are:

  • 001 Honey Douce ( this is nude pink)
  • 025 sweetheart valentine ( the shocking pink)
  • 040 Randez-vous ( the orange)

I love the three of them but my favorite one from all of these is Randez-vous.  They are in the form of chubby stick/ crayons so you don’t have to go through the hassle of sharpening them. There is quite a lot of product in there which you just roll up by twisting it’s silver bottom. I find this feature quite convenient.Revlon Color burst Balm Stain Review

Here are the swatches that I did on my hand:

Revlon Color burst Balm Stain Review swatches
first: Randez-vous second: honey douce third: sweetheart valentine

This is how it looks when applied on the lips. I found that these formulas are quite sheer and does not hide my lips’s pigmentation quite well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When you first apply the product, you notice the minty flavor and scent. The formula glides on quite smoothly though you have to reapply many times to get that desired opaque pigmentation. It gives a natural gloss to your lips with a nice amount of colour.

They are quite long wearing and I usually use them while travelling. You do not have to re apply it all day long. However, these formula is not very good at moisturizing. They does leave a beautiful stain behind but also makes your lips dry. When I use these consistently for two to three days, my lips become very dry. This is the only thing that I have to mention in the cons of this product. Otherwise, it’s a great product and gives a great value for money.

If you do not suffer from super dry lips then you should definitely give it a try. It’s a beautiful product. You can buy these and many other Revlon products from Just click here.

I hope you find this review helpful. If you have any question or any suggestion please let me know by commenting below. Don’t forget to like and follow my blog. I’ll soon be back with another blog post, until then stay posted. Take care lovelies ❤



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  1. Maha Shahid says:

    Revlon Color Burst Balm stains ate one of my favorite All time lip products. Very long wearing and nice selection of colors. Good review.


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