Favourite Hijabis

Being a Hijabi myself, I always look up for inspiration. Being a hijabi does not mean you cannot inspire others or be trendy. These Hijabis are a great source of inspiration for every muslim girl who wants to have fun with trends, colors and fashion but in a modest way. These are the hijabis that I look upto for inspiration:

  1. Amena Kin:amena-kin

    She is my number one and the most favorite among all others. I discovered this beautiful lady while searching for random hijab tutorials one day on you tube. I watched her videos and instantly fell in love. Her personality, dialect and hijab style all inspired me. After hitting the subscribing button, I started to watch her hijab tutorials regularly. Not only that, but she also comes up with adorable make up tutorials and product recommendations that is again another thing I’m obsessed with.

    She started off her career with you tube. Where she bagen with flaunting her self- tailored scarf. Currently she owns three companies. Pearl Daisy boutique, Lashionary Lashes and Ardere cosmetics. Subscribe her you tube channel here.

  2. Dina Toki-o:dina-tolio

    She is a Uk-based designer, fashion-blogger and vlogger with an upcoming ready-to-wear line. She has over 193,000 subscribers and more than 23 million you tube views. A self-confessed ‘style-hauler’, her sassy personality shines through in her writing and her videos. She started blogging as a hobby along side working in a call centre. After two years, she became a full time blogger. I adore her for her style and attire. Her hijab styles are distinctive among all others. Her blog: http://www.daysofdoll.com. Subscribe to her you tube channel here.

  3. Zukreat:


    Zukreat was not famous for her youtube in the beginning but for her exceptional make up skills. Zukreat Nazar is a celebrity make-up artist and a successful entrepreneur. Founder and managing director of ‘Artist of Makeup’. A very famous you tuber with more than 77,000 subscribers. She has her own makeup line and also conducts hair and makeup workshops in UK. I adore her for her makeup more than her hijab styles. She’s a pro no doubt and always has something new to teach. Subscribe to her you tube channel here.

  4. Ruba Zai:ruba-zai

    A famous beauty and fashion blogger. Astounding you tuber under the name of ‘Hijab Hills’. This Afghan women’s  modest yet trendy attire really inspires me. She really can create a balance between religion, style and colors. Her hijaab tutorials are terrific as well as her makeup tutorials. One can really feel the bond of love and inspiration while watching her videos. She’s always coming up with new ideas and challenges to keep her readers and viewers intrigued. Subscribe to her you tube channel here.

Let me know about your inspiring personalities. I would love to learn about them. I hope you liked this blog post. Stay tuned for more. Love.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. They are so pretty, MashAllah! I only know about Ruba Zai and Amena kin since I only watch them. But, MashAllah so pretty! *heart eyes emoji*


    1. blogsbyamna says:

      Thank you so much for your love ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Katarina says:

    I didn’t heard about any of these youtubers, but I will definitely check them out!

    If you want us to follow each other, let me know on my blog



    1. blogsbyamna says:

      I would definitely want that.. 🙂 please follow ❤️


  3. zkashbeauty says:

    Oh Yes!! I was about to mention Amena. I love her hoody concept of hijabs which are called Hoojabs, got 5 of them and so loving it 😀 ❤


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