Nicky Clarke mirrored shine straightener NSS066 Review

I have been using my Remington straightener ( model: S-2002) for years. I was so snug using it that I never bothered to try any new. . It worked great for me. But, things change and you never know what’s new for you! 😛

When I got espoused, some random aunty from my in-laws ( a mysterious aunty that I don’t know of 😛 ) gifted me this straightener. However, I did not quite gave it a shot for some time because I loved using my Remington one.

Then, someday I just thought to play with it. and O MY GOD!

It was just so amazing. So much better and efficient than my older straightener! It was so smooth to work with and took very less time. I was loving it from the very first time. The first thing I did was to get rid of my old straightener.

My first impression: When I switched it on, unlike many other straighteners, it had an illuminated LCD display for temperature viewing.

Other characteristics:

  1. It’s max temperature setting is 230 C
  2. Variable temperatures with digital controls.
  3. Illuminated LCD shines through the chrome. Invisible when turned off.
  4. Ceramic heated technology and ceramic coated plates for fast heat up and consistent plate temperature.
  5. Stylish mirrored chrome finish.
  6. Plate lock. Ideal for travel and easy storage.
  7. Swivel cord for tangle-free styling.

    box details

“My mirrored shine straighteners give amazing long-lasting results by utilizing high temperature teamed with ceramic technology. These straighteners will leave your hair smooth, frizz free and perfectly styled.” NICKY CLARKE.

Nicky Clarke is a UK-based famous celebrity hair stylist. After launching his superb salons, he also has his own products and electronics launched.

Not only me, but my all friends who ever have used this straightener rave about it. Want to know more about this straightener? You can buy this straightener here on Amazon and deal4u.  Comment in the comment section below and I will definitely answer your questions. I hope you liked this article. 🙂


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