Luscious cosmetics and their product’s review

Luscious cosmetics is one of the very few local brands which is high in peculiarity and offers a wide range. Except of some newly launched cosmetics brands, such as Junaid Jamshed makeup line, Odho cosmetics and Mussarat Misbah’s makeup line, there was no sound and prime local makeup line. And now, in a big boost for Pakistani products, home-grown brand luscious cosmetics is going to be stocking at the giant beauty retailer ‘Sephora’. Isn’t that something to be truly proud of? We are proud of you, Mehrbano Sethi! Not only that, Luscious cosmetics’ products hit the ‘the most favorite makeup list’ of best Pakistani makeup artists such as Amina Raja of Amina Raja makeup studio.

Photo courtesy: Beauty Hooked

In her recently held makeup class, which was arranged by Beauty Hooked, she revealed her favorite products. luscious Cosmetics contour kit and brow kit were on top of that list. Not only that, they also gave it away in their goodie bags in that class.

goodie bag pic
Photo courtesy: Beauty Hooked

Now talking about the Brow luxe Tool kit, it comes in three different shades. The one that I got, which I thought suited my skin tone, had darker colors. It contains a dark brown shade, a black shade and some transparent wax. A little drawer opens up at the bottom, which contains a mini sized pink colored tweezers, a spooley and an angled brush. It also comes with 3 guiding stencils for different brow shapes and a small pamphlet to let the consumer know how to use it. You can buy this kit here on Daraz. pk. for rupees 1495.


For me, this brow kit really works. The powder is so smooth and blendable. It does not gives you any sharp lines and gives a very natural as well as edgy look. It all depends on you how you want to play with it. I go for kinda natural look, so it perfectly fills my patchy areas giving a very filled and accustomed look. The small angled brush is the best tool to apply the shade and spooley brushes your hair to keep it in place. In the end, you seal your look with the transparent wax using the same brush.

This tool kit is so handy and portable. You can carry it in your purse and fix your brows any time. A small mirror helps you to focus. The tweezers help you to remove any sway and unwanted hairs on the side to give you a neat and polished look.

I highly recommend this kit. 5/5

What products have you tried and tested from this makeup line? Do let me know in the comments section. Don’t forget to like and follow my blog. Also like my facebook page.

Till next post, Bubye lovelies! ❤ ❤ ❤


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  1. zkashbeauty says:

    i so wanted to get few Luscious products but was so busy. IA on my nest visit to Pakistan i surely will land first on Luscious shop lol


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