My holy grail foundation! 

Have you ever experienced that your foundation have started to go patchy on your face or it’s not just that beautiful anymore? Yes it happens. In the beginning, it worked great but now it seems as if the foundation’s texture is different or if there is something wrong with my skin? Yeah! It happened to me also.. Previously, I was using MAC studio fix fluid foundation in the shade NC 35. ( yeah I’m Pakistani)


It worked great in the beginning. It had a good amount of coverage and worked for me. But as the time passed, it started to give me an oxidised effect after sometime of wearing it. Even my husband started to point it out.. I don’t know if it was due to my oily skin or the temperature. Oh! I was in Africa at that time by the way and it was not very hot there like in Pakistan. And when I went to America in December, this foundation was giving me a very tough time by then.. It was all patchy around my chin area and forehead. I think at that time it was more due to the cold weather out there.. But still it was not supposed to happen. So, I was totally convinced that it was now time to change my foundation game.

I researched  and went to Sephora. Got some samples of Becca, Clinique and Clarins. I was not convinced.

Then, I thought to try Dior air flash. It was  new in the market at that time and carried a new concept of Aerosol. On my way back, i tested some shades at Dubai duty-free. However, it was too shear for me.. The guy at the dior counter did not recommend me that for my skin, however, He did recommend me a foundation which was ‘Dior skin forever‘.

mac and dior skinback of dior skin

He applied a shade on my face. Apparently it looked okay.. No patches and a good amount of coverage. It was supposed to prevent shine also. as I was there for 7 long hours, I decided to wear that foundation and roam around the airport shopping and eating. To my surprise the foundation did very well! I loved it. No shine, no dry patches and no oxidation!

I was sold! 😀

I went back to Dior counter and bought it. i don’t remember the price exactly but it was around 7000 Pakistani rupees. From that day and until today, it’s been about 6 months and it’s working great. Highly recommend it 🙂 It happen sometimes that you fall in love with some products. I don’t know how it would go for a girl with dry skin but i have the combination to oily skin and it works great for me. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading. take care lovelies ❤



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  1. neelamyacob says:

    Love it 😘❤️

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    1. blogsbyamna says:

      Thank you honey :*

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