Review on different makeup wipes


When I was a beginner at makeup, all i used to remove my makeup were makeup wipes. They were my best friend. Travel friendly and easy to use. The best part was that when you reach home late from an overly tiring function, party or wedding and you know you cannot hit bed without taking this makeup off because that’s a really horrible thing to do to your skin. At that time of the night, the makeup removing wipes sitting in your side drawer are your best friend.

As they were my best friend, I tried various brands and realized how different they were. The best ever makeup wipes which were not only gentle on my skin but cheap and super efficient were Neutrogena makeup wipes. It was my ‘must have’ and I couldn’t imagine to live without it. No wonder why Kim Kardashian also love them. I got my Neutrogena makeup wipes on my vacation at New York, though they are available in my country also but  my eyes never came across them. After that, next time when I found myself running out of it was when i was in Dubai.. I hurried to the boots  and other places but couldn’t find the Neutrogena ones. Hence i bought some Johnson and Johnson and No.7 wipes.


As much I was excited to try these brands, they highly disappointed me. Firstly, I used the no.7 wipes and got quite pissed off because the guy at Boots who recommended me them was raving about it. I tried my Johnson and Johnsons one and to my experience they were the most horrible one. Not only they were harsh on my skin but also irritated my skin. My eyes got red and watery. I don’t know what they put in those wipes. I just couldn’t use them on my face anymore as they were totally unacceptable and a total waste of money.

 Hence, I picked some L’Oreal Paris ones from Dubai duty-free during my transit and they were a life saver at that time. They were not as best and awesome as Nuetrogena ones but they were okay to use. At least they did not irritate my skin. I’m still onto trying other brands but like before, makeup wipes are not my best friend anymore ,because I discovered a very pleasant thing to use instead of them. And that is pure Extra Virgin Olive oil. but makeup wipes still helps me out on those late night tiring nights ;).

Hence my recommendation for you lovelies is Neutrogena makeup wipes! LOVE LOVE!

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    1. blogsbyamna says:

      Are you satisfied with it? I would recommend you neutrogena wipes. You’ll love them. 😊


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